Imagine if there was a place where you could find everything about your favourite skateparks. A place where you could find the latest weather forecasts, all the news and, of course, the right people to contact at a glance. Yes, that’s exactly what the Skatepark Guide is. The egg-laying willy, the answer to all your prayers or just a really great online tool!

You want to help?

You can’t find your favourite park in our directory? That could be a good thing.

The Skatepark Guide is still very young and we could only catalogue a fraction of the Swiss skateparks. For this reason, we provide you with a form with which you can quickly and easily submit your skatepark to us. Even without your own profile. – Add Skatepark

Besides, every park owner will be happy about a few stars or a short review of your last session!

And all that for free?

Yes! The Skatepark Guide is and will remain free of charge! For park operators as well as for all searchers. The project is financed by partners and the tireless efforts of volunteers!

Beliebteste Parks

Ø 4.8849557522124 Sterne von 113 Ratings
Trendsport Basel
Ø 4.6 Sterne von 25 Ratings
Skatepark Obwalden
Ø 4.5833333333333 Sterne von 12 Ratings
Ø 4.4545454545455 Sterne von 11 Ratings
Miniramp Burgdorf
Ø 4.4545454545455 Sterne von 11 Ratings
Rollsportpark Schüpfheim
Ø 4.3333333333333 Sterne von 12 Ratings
Skatepark Weid
Ø 4.3333333333333 Sterne von 12 Ratings
Skatepark Halsrüti Brüttisellen
Ø 4.25 Sterne von 12 Ratings
Ø 4.2352941176471 Sterne von 17 Ratings
Freestyle Park Zürich
Ø 4.1923076923077 Sterne von 26 Ratings
Ø 4.0909090909091 Sterne von 11 Ratings
Ø 4.05 Sterne von 20 Ratings
Skatepark Biel-Bienne
Ø 4.0212765957447 Sterne von 47 Ratings
Pumptrack Allmend Bern
Ø 4 Sterne von 11 Ratings
Skatepark Winterthur
Ø 3.92 Sterne von 25 Ratings
Ø 3.9166666666667 Sterne von 12 Ratings
Ø 3.875 Sterne von 16 Ratings
The Beast-Zürich
Ø 3.8571428571429 Sterne von 21 Ratings
Pumptrack Frauenfeld
Ø 3.8333333333333 Sterne von 30 Ratings
Park N’Sun
Ø 3.7857142857143 Sterne von 14 Ratings
Sk8 Bern
Ø 3.6153846153846 Sterne von 39 Ratings
Baden – Dättwil
Ø 3.5625 Sterne von 32 Ratings
Skatepark Wohlen
Ø 3.2941176470588 Sterne von 17 Ratings
Ø 2.9090909090909 Sterne von 11 Ratings